About Us

Designr is your personal celebrity fashion designer & stylist. Empower yourself with the latest fashion trends directly from celebrity designers and celebrity stylists. Know your celebrity twin and match %. A single place to follow the latest fashion trends while playing games.

Designr is an AI-powered personal designer that lets users have a feel of having their own personal designer. Designr enables users to perform personality match with a celebrity, follow celebrities, track celebrity fashion trends from different industries (for eg., Bollywood, Tollywood, Sports, Music, etc.,) and get personalized fashion recommendations based on their personality and preferences. Brands, Boutiques, Designers and Celebrities can leverage the platform to promote their own trends/merchandise to users who deeply care about fashion. Designr acts as an aggregator of celebrity fashion trends enabling users to keep track of the latest fashion trends and buy them.

Today, movie & sports celebrities pretty much define the current fashion trend. The designr is a flow to bridge the gap between spotting the fashion trends, check on your favorite celebrities and help make the decision to buy. More importantly, once a person’s style is matched with a celebrity and shows the trends of style, there are more chances of you making the right choice to get the look.

Designr’s vision to connect users with celebrity fashion and our mission is to enable users to connect with brands, designers and celebrity fashion.