It’s All About Neon Fashion!!

The neon fashion is raising with all its glamour in our B-town industry. It seems that our favourite stars are loving the bright neon colours.

We must say they have experimented a lot with this trend. Be it Tara, Sonakshi, Rakulpreet or Malaika all of them have stunned us by their neon outfits.

Malaika wore a three-piece neon outfit on her vacation to New York City and looked so vibrant. Sonakshi also wore a three-piece outfit from Arpita Mehta and looked so out of the box.

We can tell that this neon trend is here to stay, and in the future, we will see many more of our stars flaunting it.

Pro Tip:

The easiest way to try this trend is to buy any one piece of neon clothing, then try to style it casually for a day out. In this way, you can easily incorporate this trend in your daily dressing.

We hope you’ll now try out some neon clothes soon!

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