Cool Casual Clothing!

We all know the importance of casual clothing. It’s a staple for our daily lives. Casual clothes should be comfortable and affordable but we forget the most important factor that is our clothes should be cool and stylish enough.

There is a huge difference between casual clothing and cool casual clothing. Why not shop smart and wear cool clothes every day! Not only for parties, but we can also look stylish each day.

For this, we can take some serious inspiration from Bhumi Pednekar. Her style is cool, and her clothes are a girl next door type.

We recently saw her wearing Melissa separates from a brand called Appapop she looked stylish in these casuals. The outfit consisted of yellow and white striped pants and white crop shirt.

We just love the colour combinations of the outfit. The pants look so good with the stripes and bright yellow colour. The shirt has puffy sleeves and a knot detail in the front.

Overall, she looked really cute. She tied her hair in a low messy ponytail along with pink lips and small golden hoops for earrings. She looked young and fresh.

So it’s your turn to dress cool like her every day.

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